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Playtri Sarasota Elite Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve

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Playtri Sarasota Elite Cycling Jersey - Men's & Women's

Hey there, speedsters and hill conquerors! We've designed something special just for you - our Elite Cycling Jersey, crafted to take your cycling game to stratospheric levels. Engineered with the serious cyclist in mind, this jersey combines cutting-edge technology with comfort, because we know that's exactly what you need when you're pushing the pedals hard.

Here's why you're going to love it: 

  • Aerodynamic Fit: Snug but never too tight, our jersey is shaped to slice through the air with ease, reducing drag and making you feel like you're flying. Because every second counts! -
  • Ultra-Breathable Fabric: We've used the latest in fabric technology to ensure maximum ventilation and moisture-wicking. Stay cool and dry, even on those grueling climbs under the blazing sun.
  • Full-Zip Convenience: Easy on, easy off with a smooth, full-length zipper. Perfect for quick temperature adjustments on the fly.
  • Rear Pockets Galore: Three spacious, easily accessible rear pockets hold all your essentials - snacks, spare tubes, and maybe even a motivational note to yourself. We've also added a zippered pocket for those items you just can't afford to lose.
  • High-Visibility Detailing: Safety first! Reflective accents make sure you're seen during early morning rides or when you're chasing the sunset.
  • Bold Design: Because we believe in looking good while being good at what we do, our jersey features a sleek, modern design that stands out in a peloton. This isn't just a cycling jersey; it's a statement. A statement that says you're here to give your all, look good doing it, and celebrate every moment of your CapTex Triathlon journey.

Whether you're prepping for a race, embarking on a century ride, or just out to beat your personal best, the Rocket Science Sports Elite Cycling Jersey is your new best friend on the road. It's not just a piece of clothing; it's a boost to your cycling performance and comfort.

Ready to ride like the wind. Gear up and let's go!


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