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Shop our Father's Day Gift Guide - click here

About Us

From Corner Offices to Cornerstones: Dreamers Became Doers.

Meet Rickard and Stephanie, a husband and wife team that, like many, was striving for the American Dream. Rickard and Stephanie checked goals off the lists: highly-coveted jobs from the world's most recognizable companies in the fast-paced arenas of spaceflight systems and global retail, a bustling family of four kids. They each built the kind of careers that many aspire to, but few attain - but something was missing. Rickard, an immigrant from Sweden with a Finance, Supply Chain, and Program Management background was building spaceflight systems for Blue Origin. It was literal rocket science. Daily quests were figuring out how to build a Moon Lander or reusable rocket engines. Rickard was also the Michael Jordan of systems and processes, trained in Six Sigma, and a certified PMP. Stephanie was a Senior Manager at Apple, previously leading Apple Retail stores in the USA and United Kingdom, and opened five new stores in China and Hong Kong. She has specialized in customer experience, leadership development, and communications while also serving in leadership roles in Apple People teams in Recruiting, Human Resources, and Change Management. In their free time, Rick and Stephanie were triathletes. 

But beneath the veneer of corporate success, a restless dream stirred. Both yearned for a life less ordinary, where the passion for health, endurance sports, and community would take center stage. This wasn't only about escaping the corporate grind but also pursuing a dream that had simmered for years, finally reaching a boiling point. They knew they wanted to make a big change.

The universe conspired in their favor when they discovered that PlayTri was looking for new partners for its Sarasota location. That was the match to the tinder. They knew it was time to leave their safety nets and venture into a world where their passions could align with a renowned brand catering to the fitness community. Playtri's status as the official Ironman and USA Triathlon store was the icing on the cake.

It wasn't a decision made lightly, nor was it one without risks. But it was a decision to see them shed their corporate titles to embrace new ones—triathletes, community builders, and dreamers turned doers. The slow burn of dreaming of owning a business together grew into a bonfire that wouldn't stop. So when the opportunity to lead Playtri's Sarasota location appeared, they took the leap, trading their corporate fast track for the sweat, gears, and glory of the triathlon world.

A Community Fitness Hub, Not Just a Shop

Don't call Playtri Sarasota a store; it's a community fitness hub. Our mission is to be the best bicycle shop in Florida. With the largest selection of bikes in the country, this isn't just a place to buy gear—it's a sanctum for athletes. Plus, the perks are hard to beat: the best customer-friendly policies, data-driven bike fittings, and discounts on all accessories - for an entire year - and a free tune-up with a bike purchase for the first year, too. And for swimmers and runners, we've got all your needs covered, too.

The Cutting Edge: GURU Fit System

Forget guesswork. Playtri uses the GURU Fit System, the most advanced bike fitting technology, to tailor your cycling experience like a bespoke suit. And don't worry, whether you're into road, mountain, or triathlon cycling, GURU has got you covered. It's not just a fit; it's your optimal riding position realized.

Run by Triathletes, for Triathletes

When you walk into Playtri Sarasota, you're greeted by store owners who are triathletes themselves. Rick has raced dozens of triathlons, including multiple 70.3 distances, and is training for his first full IRONMAN. Stephanie loves short-course triathlons and is also a marathon runner. The Playtri staff loves bicycles, fitness, and can give you first-hand recommendations. That means expert advice from people who live and breathe this stuff, day in and day out. Playtri Sarasota team is on this journey with you, from the starting line to the finish tape.

A 360° Approach to Wellness

For two decades, PlayTri has been more than a retailer. Playtri is a "whole life" philosophy aimed at holistic health and fitness. Rick and Stephanie extend this ethos through coaching services and nutrition consultations, ensuring you're well-fueled and well-trained for any race or challenge. 

Ironclad Partnerships

Our cred? Playtri is the Official Triathlon Store for IRONMAN and USA Triathlon. That means unparalleled access to elite gear, training wisdom, and the Playtri community.

Our Mission

Above all, Playtri is here to make you healthier and help you set and achieve audacious goals. And most importantly, have fun while doing it.