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Lubbock is one of the South's most iconic IRONMAN 70.3 races!

There is nothing like the grass roots feel and race experience here in Texas. Conditions have gone from 105° degrees + 30mph winds in 2018; all the way to nice 80° degrees + light winds at 2019's finish line.

You never know what Lubbock will bring you.

Here are my Top 5 reminders to help you get ready to have your best race day!

1-    It can be hot, very hot! Conditions have been known to be 100° degrees. There are a number of ways to try and keep your body temperature down. Consider the color and material of your tri apparel. Drink often rather than all at once; a good rule of thumb is to drink every 12-15min. If you are using electrolytes, make sure you know how much water you need with the ‘dosage’. A great way to externally cool down is by spraying water / throwing ice down your tri suit. 

2-    The winds of Texas are no joke! Lubbock winds can be ridiculously brutal and may feel like even feel like a hairdryer out there. Make sure you practice at least 1x in your tri apparel and gear. This ensures that you are comfortable on your bike/wheels in windy conditions and that your hydration, electrolytes, and nutrition are easily accessible. Even though you might have the best looking wheels around and your tri suit looks slick: if your water bottles, electrolytes, and fuel are not efficiently placed, you will most likely struggle through the run. Also, remember to relax the upper body as much as possible on the bike to reduce wasted energy, and lastly, use people around you on the run to ‘block’ the winds.

3- Check Out The Swim Course & Drive the course! If the buoys are set up the day before, take the opportunity to ‘spot’ landmarks and know the surroundings on the swim course. Also, drive the bike/run course. This gives you a better sense of what to expect and some ‘real-time insight’ on how you might want to tackle the climbs, road conditions (potholes, cracks, etc), and know your aid stations. This will help you properly time your nutrition strategy.

4- Create Solutions! Before the gun even goes off, know that there will likely be a ‘wrench thrown into you race’. Just a couple of solutions to think about- take 2 pair of goggles. It can be very cloudy or extremely bright; plan for both. At transition have a small water bottle and a few extra calories. Knowing how to fix the flat will help keep you calm and efficient if this should occur.

5- Smile! Research has shown us over and over the power of positivity and how even while pushing our limits, smiling lowers your heart rate, relaxes your body, it can help you refocus and perform better. The reality, racing is always a privilege! After we have just experienced a spring with no races due to the COVID19 pandemic, look around, take it in, and fully enjoy the simplicity and joy of racing again.

Whether you need an extra pair of goggles, a new aerodrinking system or the right hydration product, be sure to stop by your local Playtri or shop to get what you need to be ready to race Ironman 70.3 Lubbock!

Wishing each athlete the very best and to have an incredible race experience, really there is no race out there like IRONMAN Lubbock 70.3!

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