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So, you have done all the hard work and training, now you are in full blown taper mode, don't screw up the week leading into your race! 

Most likely you are now simply focusing on that starting line and all the possibilities that race day will bring you.

But don't miss out on Coach Amari's race week tips to help set you up for your best day.


1) Sleep

Make sure you are setting up your evenings with minimal commitments and be careful to not schedule many early morning meetings.

This will help ensure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep or downtime a night.

You don't want to force the body but rather make sure to put away electronics, turn off the TV, and do your best to find a routine that calms you down and allows for ample rest

You might not sleep for 7-8 hours but give yourself space and time to chill it out a bit more than normal.

Consider taking a short 15-20min power nap as well during your lunch break.  Make sure you are not waiting till late in the day but rather power down prior to 2pm.

This will likely not disrupt your normal sleeping pattern.  Again, the goal is to simply allow your body and mind more rest and recovery prior to your big day.


2) Water

Drink 6-8 oz. every hour you are awake, outside of your training schedule.

I emphasize water for a couple of reasons.  Just to name a couple drinking water increases the natural flushing of toxins, aids in digestion, increased concentration, encourages recovery throughout your taper and ensures the obvious, hydration prior to race day.

I always hear people complain that it is hard to drink that much water.  And then I kindly remind them that they will be drinking water every 12-15minutes for several minutes or hours in just a few days.  Keep your body used to the idea of drinking often even when you are not training.  Don't force water down your pipes, rather drink 2-4oz every 15minutes.


3) Breakfast

Race morning brings nerves and anticipation.  A lot of athletes struggle to get down their race morning breakfast.  Although you probably have practiced this meal many times over in your training (hint, hint), leading up to your event, consider eating your pre-race breakfast a few times throughout the week.  Make sure you include the proper hydration to help stimulate quick absorption and your body's ability to utilize the fuel quickly.


4) Eat Consistently

Watch out for eating too many additional calories, as your training is at a minimal during taper.  As well, try not to overindulge at any given meal.

Eat small and steadily throughout each day.

Rather than saving your biggest meal of the evening, make your lunch the largest of the day.

Just like with the water, come race day you will be eating often.

You want your body to quickly utilize that energy all while pushing your limits and blood, oxygen, and water being dispersed throughout.

Keep your body in tune with the ability to rapidly digest to ensure come race day your body will properly respond rather than reject or delay your race with each feeding. 


5) Watch the Fiber

If you know you experience race day GI issues, are doing a longer distance, and/or are planning a PR- consider cutting back on foods high in fiber starting 3-4 days out of the competition.

This will hopefully limit the additional porta-potty stops!

When choosing starches consider rice and potato-based products while limiting the corn, flour, and wheat.  Also if you are fruit eater, have small servings at the beginning of the day.


6) Cryosauna / Ice Baths

Ideally, you want to minimize the amount of inflammation and increase the recovery process the week of your race. 

Your body will thank you if you can score at least 2-3 cryo sessions or ice baths. 


7) Massage, Chiro

If you are racing Saturday, I encourage you to get your last treatments on Tuesday and if your event is Sunday, no later than Wednesday.

Why?  For whatever reason, the treatment causes more pain or your body needs further attention, there are plenty of days in advance till game time.

Don't wait, get your race week treatments done early!


Have a great race!


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