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Many of you got into triathlon because of boredom with the same ol' same ol' workouts, needing goals to hold you accountable to stay healthy, overuse/injury through simply running or a single sport focus and movement pattern...

But what's 'funny', is if you talk to those same people who had made that switch a few years/ decades back, you might hear once again, "I'm bored of simply s-b-r!"

I am gonna be straight with you, "BS- you simply are limiting yourself and not looking at every opportunity our race directors (locally, nationally, & internationally) are providing!"

Might sound a little harsh, but reality, you are missing out and might be getting lazy. OUCH.

So, what types of training and/or racing is available to you?


We should all be begging for this race option. Swim to Bike racing gives us the opportunity to really push our limits without tearing down our bodies on the run. If you are injured and cannot or do not really want to run, the swim and bike focus still gives us a chance to keep our fitness up. Why aren't we asking for these from race directors considering that they are already providing the race day experience and timing? For those that really want to compete at a high level, there are National & World Championship opportunities for you to gun for. And these championships range from Sprint all the way to the Full Ironman distances!


Run-Bike-Run or Bike-Run-Bike racing is really taking off Locally, Nationally, & Internationally! If you want a break from swimming, have a year where you are short on time because of other obligations, this style of racing is an incredible option. Typically, the Sprint and Olympic (Intermediate) distances are available. Need to work on or enjoy the 'brick legs'- here you go! This one's for you!


I cannot say enough about these. Whether you are really wanting to work on a specific discipline of triathlon, want to encourage family or friends to jump into the experience with you, need to give your body/mind a rest from the whole tri enchilada ... grab 1-2 people and sign up! This racing variation is catching on... jump in & bring others into it!

4- SWIM/RUN OR (internationally called) OTILLO

Just as it sounds- swim to run racing. Don't have a bike or want to work on your swim/ run weaknesses. This one is catching on quickly, world wide. The events include all types of bodies of water, may even include some serious island hopping. Whether you are going solo or snagging some family / friends for a trip around the globe... Here's a fun event for you.


Get out of your comfort zone and hit the trails where racing challenges are a bit more unexpected. Unlike road racing, roots, branches, rocks, bouldering... all the things in nature may demand a different kind of focus and skill. This style of racing and training really asks the body for strength and mental awareness to the 10th degree. And what is Xterra racing: S-B-R typically but might throw in some obstacles, paddling, and rock climbing for fun, out in the wilderness and off the concrete. Yes, these races do range in distance and are Locally, Nationally, & Internationally popular. Take a trip and trick up your racing schedule.


Ultra Swim, Bike, Running Races... & many more sport options are out there! These are more than likely smaller races, but the 'intimate experiences' set a tone of camaraderie and internal satisfaction. Distances may range from single to multiple day obstacles. There are really no limits to where these are held. "The world is your oyster."

This is NEXT LEVEL! Having crewed for another athlete, let me tell you from experience, you rapidly learn the importance of team-work, consistency, & patience. You cannot and are not allowed to attempt this alone! There is a reason- the distances are typically VERY LONG- and are over a 2-3day experience. Not joking, I have done a lot of racing, but being a part of this was work both on the crew and the athlete. We are chatting about, for example, a 3day race totalling ~300-350miles of swim-bike-running.DAY 1: 6.2mile Open Water Swim + 92mile Bike DAY 2: 171mile Bike DAY 3: 52.4mile Run (yes, a double marathon!)... TOLD YOU, NEXT LEVEL! These races typically invite small groups from all over the world. So want a huge challenge and accomplishment- this is for YOU!
Reality, this is just a mere list of what is out there... My hope is that you continue to look for challenges... Expand your horizons! Not certain what is available to you and don't know where to look, hit me up: - together, let's see what is out there, for you!

Amari Holmes


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