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We asked our PLAYTRI Coaches, what questions they hear from Athletes over and are Coach Morgan's Top Five:

1) What should I eat during a race?

A light meal that will sit well the evening before, another light meal 2-3 hours before race start (mostly carbs - low fat/protein/fiber), then a gel or similar 15 minutes before race start. How much you eat during will depend on the distance, but remember the focus is always on replacing carbs, not fat or protein.

2) What should I wear during a race?

Whatever you wear, it needs to be something you've trained in prior. Tri suits are great if you are racing for a time (since no changing is required), but not mandatory. Some athletes just race in a swimsuit! The most important thing is comfort, and make sure if you are going to bike and run in the same thing you swim in that you are comfortable doing those activities while that attire is soaking wet! Self-conscious about parading around in spandex? We've got all shapes and sizes in triathlon, and the only thing triathletes care about is performance, so swallow your pride and wear what feels good.

3) Does it matter what type of bike I'm on?

Nope, as long as it is in good working order, has two wheels the same size (diameter) and working brakes, you are good to go.

4) Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes - USAT says so.

5) What should I do for a strategy?

The safest strategy is to start easy and keep it easy. If you want to PR, start easy, then build sustainably throughout the course of the event. If you want to find your limits, it's ok to push from the start, but just remember that the risk of blowing up is much higher. Always remember - the solution to every problem is to slow down ; )

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