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Amari Holmes


Athletes come to me everyday in need of *at times totally bitching:) about the temps and then the real problem- they can’t seem to stomach much because it’s 100+ outside and nothing sits well. Here are a couple, no it is not the complete guide, but very easy items to grab at your local grocery. 

 These simple guidelines will help your entire system absorb and utilize fuel more efficiently.
 1. Water- increase to 6-8 oz every hour, outside of the workouts

2. NUUN or another form of calorie-free electrolyte drink/drops- 1 x in the AM & 1 x at PM

3. Incorporate Tart Cherry Juice - suggest 6-8 oz daily, personally enjoy ‘cutting the acidity’ by adding at least 8 oz of water = roughly 16 oz fluid total

4. Bone Broth- 8 oz daily

5. Turmeric, Ginger, Honey, Lemon Tea to reduce inflammation- 1 tbsp each: turmeric, ginger, honey, & 1/4 lemon in 3 cups of boiling water, let it steep for 15’, strain and knock it back

Selecting foods that are naturally rich in vitamins/ minerals are essential in feeling your best.

1. Include as many foods with high water content: watermelon, cucumber, tomato, celery, romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli

2. Decrease processed foods to less than 400 cal/day: breads, pastas, tortillas, sweets, and yes even your protein powders- we want our ‘machines’ running on pure and natural foods. “The closer to the ground, the better.”

3. Select foods that are naturally rich in vitamins/ minerals are essential in feeling your best:
   A. Potassium- Sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, avocado, bananas, kiwis, oranges, cantaloupe
   B. Magnesium- Spinach, seeds (squash/pumpkin), brown rice, almonds, dark chocolate, avocado, bananas
   C. Calcium- Collard greens, broccoli, kale, edamame, figs, oranges, salmon, sardines, white beans, okra, almonds

4. Lastly, grab some lean protein sources, such as- grass-fed beef, freshwater fish high in Omegas (salmon, tuna, sardines), free range chicken just to name a few.

Here’s to ‘stuffing’ our faces this summer!

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