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Amari Holmes


What is the off-season? Many folks seem to think it is all about taking time completely off BUT THEN they come back Jan 1 all signed up for huge 2020 goals!

At this time of the year, I absolutely promote the idea that fitness should not strictly be Swim-Bike-Run.  There is tremendous opportunity right now to return back to the basics and dial in corrective workouts and technique.

Here are just a few (of the endless) drills and technical workouts that I strongly suggest for your ‘off-season’:

1.       SWIM

KICK SETS WITH THE SNORKEL- Focus on the continuous small kick, engaging in core/ glutes/ hamstrings to maintain proper body position on top of the water- most under rated drill out there!

SINGLE ARM DRILLS WITH THE SNORKEL- Whether working the front end of the stroke, crescent elbow, finish through the hip line, or ‘recovery’ phase, there are endless possibilities to dial in a more efficient stroke.

2.       BIKE

SINGLE LEG DRILLS- On the trainer/ outdoors, to smooth out that pedal stroke and reduce ‘dead spots that lead to loss of power and risk of injury’ work 5-10 x 30sec-1min/side single leg pedaling.

OVER- GEAR WORK- Not focused on target hr rate/power, again inside and/or outside, shift into a hard gear, holding anywhere between 45-65rpm.  Starting point ~30min: 4min at a time w/ 1 min recovery in between.

3.       RUN

SINGLE LEG DRILLS EMPHASIZING THE LIFT- We want to encourage the glute and hamstring muscles to wake up and ‘join the running party’ (triathletes tend to rely too heavily upon their quads) +isolate each side with various paces.

BRICK BIKE SESSIONS WITH QUICK BRICKS- Yes, this is a drill.  I have athletes simply do 1/2 mile out, 1/2 mile back- no pace goal, certain aspects we emphasize: run cadence, easy build, breathing only through the nose (again so many ways to tackle this drill)

4.       WEIGHTS

SINGLE LEG/ STABILIZATION EXERCISES- Simply put, ‘balance’ out the body (hence ALL the single sided work above).  Also add this element into your strength sessions.

ROTATIONAL/ LATERAL EXERCISES- Triathlon moves primarily in one direction.  Make sure to add exercises that involve directional changes, different pace challenges, rotational work… you get it, move different in the gym J


Nope, you are not in tri race season. My guess you are getting your body back into routine.  Crazy, but this is when athletes are prone to injury = some humbling workouts remind us that we don’t have the fitness or feel we did a couple months ago + lack of technique focus = end in poor form and overuse as you compensate to try and ‘get back’.

That said, incorporate foam rolling, stretching, massage, physical therapy… all methods into your recovery formula NOW.

Maximize this ‘off-season’, details will ALWAYS matter when we are talking strong and efficient come race season.

If you have any questions or want to schedule your assessment and specific drills for your strengths, weaknesses, and goals?

Email me:

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