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I’ve tried a fair amount of running shoes in my day including Nike, Asics, Newton, and Hoka One One among others.  Since the day I put on my first pair of Hoka One One’s over four years ago I knew that I had found my go-to shoe for years to come.  Hoka offers a diverse range of shoes so no matter what your intended use is, whether its road running, trial running, or triathlon you are likely to find a pair that suits your needs.

Over the last four years I’ve tried out several models including multiple generations of the Clayton, Clifton, and Cavu.  The one consistency between them all is what Hoka One One is known for – a cushioned foam mid-sole that is up to the task of absorbing the day in and day out training that you put them through.  While there is a small adjustment period for some that have never worn a shoe like this, I found that within one run I had adjusted to the different feel of running in their shoes. 

The Clifton was the first pair that I had ran in.  For me, this is great all-around shoe but I typically find myself using it during my long run because I find it absorbs the pounding of the pavement slightly better than others due in part to its slightly thicker mid-sole.  So, after a long run your legs don’t exactly feel like they ran as far as they did, which is great not only for longevity but also recovery.  At the same time the Clifton is versatile enough to take to the track if you wanted to, but if you’re going to go that route there are other models I would recommend first.  

I tried out the Clayton after running on the Clifton’s for about a year.  I wanted to find something that was a little more suited towards speed work and didn’t weigh quite what the Clifton did.  I found exactly that in the Clayton.  Another great all-around shoe and one that I’ve used on long runs as well as track runs, this model takes the benefits you get with the Clifton’s but offers slightly more versatility.

My current race day choice is the Cavu due it’s lightweight and responsive feel.  This shoe is built to meet your needs whether you’re going out for a quick jog, hitting the track, or running a marathon.  The material is also one of my favorite things about the shoe, specifically it’s “breathability” which I find useful as a triathlete, especially on hot days when you are sweating a lot or on race days when you are pouring water on yourself throughout the run.  The last thing you want is for your shoes to become weighed down from getting soaked with sweat and water, and these do a good job of drying out so that you are left running with shoes that feel like cement blocks. 

Playtri carries a wide selection of Hoka One One shoes and can help you find the pair that is right for you.  Stop by your local store to try out a pair and then get out there and start running!

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