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Gift Guide For Triathletes

Gift Guide For Triathletes

2022 was a great season year for racing! If your special someone is a triathlete, they most likely raced and trained a lot this year. This means some of their gear needs to be refreshed as they begin getting ready for the 2023 season. Here are some suggestions from a coach/competitive triathlete.

Stocking stuffers:

  • Swiftwick socks — The gentle compression is a nice touch on long runs. Personally, I’m a fan of the Aspire line.

  • Chamois Creme & Body Glide — There’s nothing worse than chafing for a triathlete. And there’s nothing worse than a triathlete complaining to a loved one about chafing. Safe them and yourself from an awkward conversation.

  • Compression tights — Your triathlete might just try to get a long workout in before you travel to Grandma’s house. Compression tights will help their achy legs recover while in the car or on the plane.


  • Goggles — A fresh set of goggles is a great way to start the new year.

  • Finis Manta Paddles — Some of the best paddles out there for improving strength and stroke efficiency.

  • Snorkel — A must have for triathletes/swimmers of all ages! Playtri coached athletes use this every time they swim.


  • Garmin Varia Rear Taillight — The best rear light and rear facing camera for cycling at any time of the day. Keep them riding safely in 2023.

  • Bike Fit — Before your triathlete spends a lot of time on the trainer this winter, make sure they are comfortable on the bike. An annual bike fit is recommended.

  • Smart Trainer — A great tool for improving your cycling during the cold months and hitting specific intervals.


  • RunLab Gait Analysis — The running equivalent to a good bike fit. Learn how your body moves when you run and ways you can improve to avoid injury.

  • Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar — the best watch for for triathlon if you are looking to simplify the number of devices you use during training and racing. This watch does it all: HR, Spotify, Power Meter connection, Garmin Pay, the mapping capability is a nice touch, and it’s powered by the sun!

  • Theragun Mini — An excellent self massage tool for traveling to races and to have at work.

They’ll love you forever gifts:

  • Coaching — If you truly want to make 2023 your best season ever, then a coach is the best triathlon related expense you can make. With over 20 years of coaching, Playtri Coaching works for new triathletes and those looking to qualify for National and World Championships.

  • Gravel Bike — If you are looking for a do-it-all training bike, this is it. Take it out on gravel, chip-sealed roads, and even try out Cyclocross with this bike.

  • Performance Testing Packages — Don’t just invest in their gear. Invest in helping your triathlete improve their overall training and racing.

Jim Rowe is a Playtri Level 4 Coach and Coach Education Lead, a USAT LI Certified Coach, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer who works with adult athletes of all abilities from beginners to IRONMAN World Championship qualifiers. Learn more about Jim at

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