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Shop our Father's Day Gift Guide - click here
Shop our Father's Day Gift Guide - click here




Garmin Varia RTL510 - $199.99 (Bundle - $299.99)

If your favorite triathlete's safety is important to you then the Garmin Varia RTL510 is a no-brainer. The current Varia functions as both a powerful taillight (daylight visibility with a 220 degree range) and as a radar device that provides visual and audio alerts to warn of vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 meters away. The device is USB rechargeable and has 15 hours of battery life in flashing mode, and 6 hours in solid mode.


Garmin 520 Plus - $279.99


If your triathlete was born to roam, the Garmin 520 Plus will be the perfect companion for his or her adventures by bike. The 520 features some of Garmin's most advanced navigation options, including turn by turn directions for both on and off road courses, and Strava Live Segments with real-time results on screen. Built-in incident detection provides peace of mind for family and friends back home. The 520 will also pair with power, heart rate and cadence sensors, making it a solid option for cyclists and triathletes alike.


Bike & Run Calorie Expenditure and RMR Testing Bundle - $300

Does your athlete want to stop playing guessing games with his or her nutrition? Whether an athlete wants to lose weight, improve recovery or confidently toe the line at his or her next long course event, Playtri offers the most up to date calorimetry testing technology to assist athletes in nailing one of the most challenging (and personal) aspects of the sport - deciding what to eat! This bundle includes:

  • Bike Calorie Expenditure Test

  • Run Calorie Expenditure Test

  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test

  • 30 Minute Results Review and Consultation


2XU compression socks - $39.95-$49.95

A long-time favorite of Playtri staff and athletes alike, the 2XU line of compression socks offers both comfort and enhanced performance and recovery to athletes of all levels. Graduated compression promotes circulation through the lower limbs, while anatomical left and right foot beds provide padding and support for maximum comfort.



Mountain Bike - Price varies

This off-season is the perfect opportunity for your favorite athlete to try something new! Mountain biking is quickly growing in popularity among triathletes due to its ability to build sport-specific fitness and skills, while allowing athletes to explore new trails and experience different formats of the sport such as single track riding, cyclocross and gravel riding. Entry level mountain bikes stocked at your local Playtri Store typically have a lower price point than road bikes of the same quality (and all of our bikes are always priced to compete), and will come equipped with an aluminum frame and front suspension. With our 30 day no-fees exchange policy, you can never go wrong with a new bike!


Bike Fit - $100 ($149 for Guru/Retul Motion Capture Fits - normally $250)

Does your athlete ever complain of discomfort on the bike? Have difficulty handling their bike safely? Struggle to run well off the bike in races? These are all potential signs of an athlete in need of a new fit. Many athletes may not get a "full" fit when initially purchasing their bike, and very few athletes know that their bike fit needs to be updated once a year. Make sure your athlete can ride safely and comfortably with a Playtri bike fit, which includes the initial fit and two FREE follow up sessions.





New Wave Swim Buoy - $29.95-$39.95

Is your athlete already dreaming of next year's open water swims? Make sure he or she is prepared to swim safe with a New Wave Swim Buoy. The New Wave Swim Buoy provides increased visibility, personal storage space and a flotation device that's available whenever (and wherever) your athlete needs it. Athletes with open water anxiety will experience improved peace of mind when using the Swim Buoy, while confident swimmers can enjoy swimming with increased convenience. The New Wave Swim Buoy is one of our best-sellers!



KICKR Core Trainer Bundle - $899.99

Wahoo Fitness is bringing direct drive smart trainers to the people this year with the KICKR Core Smart Trainer, and you can bring the ultimate indoor riding experience to YOUR athlete with the KICKR Core Trainer Bundle. Bundle includes a 10 or 11 speed compatible cassette (required for trainer use), wheel block and sweat net (to protect your athlete's frame and headset during those extra sweaty sessions!) 


Clean Your Bike Bundle - $125

Every triathlete knows the bike needs a bit of TLC before the first race of the season, so make sure your athlete is set up for safe and fast early season riding. Our Clean Your Bike Bundle includes a Playtri Total Care Tune Up, 20 ounce bicycle degreaser and 4 ounce bicycle lube. 






Nutrition Sampler Box - $30

For the athlete who wants to mix up his or her nutrition in the new year, try our nutrition sampler box. This box will come with a variety of gels, chews, waffles and drink mixes valued at $40 or more. Throw in a gift card so your athlete can purchase more of his or her favorites!





Zipp Firecrest 404 Wheelset - $2200 

We commonly have athletes ask us if carbon race wheels are "really worth it," - in one word, YES. A carbon race wheel provides a faster, more responsive ride that is also more comfortable. The current Zipp Firecrest 404 wheelset is one of our go-to wheelsets at Playtri due to its mid-range price point, all-around performer depth of 58mm, Zipp ShowStopper textured braking surface with unrivaled rim braking performance, a stiff and durable Zipp 77/177 hubset, and revised rim profile and dimpling pattern for even better and more functional aerodynamics than previous iterations.



Nathan Neutron Fire RX Runner's Headlamp - $54.99

Most runners and triathletes we know will hit the roads (and trails) day or night, and in just about any conditions - if your athlete needs to get their runs in during low-light hours, make sure to equip him or her with our favorite headlamp, the Nathan Neutron Fire RX. With a 200 lumen LED spotlight for trail visibility, side strobes for increased athlete visibility, 5 lighting modes and 25+ hours of battery life all packaged in a lightweight, comfortable and weather resistant model, this head lamp will do the job for just about any athlete.


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