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Hello Fellow Fish!

Triathlon is definitely a sport that doesn’t have a shortage of gear to choose from. However, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by the options. Whether you’re a gear junky or a budget conscious triathlete, there are a few items you must have in your swim bag:


1.) Focus Swim Snorkel (just a heads up…you may need to pair this with a nose plug)

Working on swimming technique can often feel like you’re simultaneously patting your head and rubbing your belly. Using the snorkel allows you to eliminate one of the trickiest parts of the stroke which is breathing. You then have the ability to focus on correcting other areas of your stroke. The Michael Phelps Focus Swim Snorkel is my personal favorite because it securely stays in place and the wider mouthpiece allows your mouth to comfortably relax while maintaining a secure seal to the water.



·       Beginners: enables you to master correct body positioning, kicking and arm strokes before adding the breathing

·       Advanced: builds your lung capacity and allows you to isolate components of your stroke without sacrificing form


Cons: Be prepared for the following to potentially occur…

·       Weird looks (don’t worry…they’re just jealous of how epic you look!)

·       You will sound like Darth Vader when you breathe (this may be exciting for some of you!)


2.) Finis Pulling Ankle Band

Most triathletes work against themselves by either not kicking or by using a kick that’s too big. Here’s the problem…a lack of kicking results in the sinking leg syndrome and a big kick creates drag making you less energy efficient. The goal is to have a compact kick that helps you maintain a level body position while contributing to your forward momentum.



·       Creates a compact kick that improves power and efficiency

·       Strengthens kicking muscles



·       Can cause legs muscles to be sore if you aren’t used to kicking properly

·       Can sometimes cause you to kick with legs that are super straight and stiff (you want to maintain a relaxed leg and soft knee when kicking)


3.) Stroke Maker Hand Paddles

Efficiency and power are the name of the game in swimming. Many swimmers exert effort that does not translate to speed. Having an inefficient underwater pull is a large contributing factor to this loss of speed and energy. Paddles are a great way to improve power and efficiency in the water. However, it is very important for you to have proper stroke technique before adding paddles to your workouts. Adding paddles to improper form can lead to injury. The Stroke Maker Hand Paddles come in various sizes so you can select the best fit. They are also designed with several holes throughout the paddle to allow for an appropriate amount of resistance.



·       Increases the power of your underwater pull

·       Helps you feel when you’re “slipping” water which improves efficiency



·       Can lead to injury if any of the following happen:

o   Your stroke technique is not correct

o   You’re swimming with paddles that are too large for your hands (make sure the paddles are not much bigger than your hand)

o   You’re swimming with paddles that do not have enough holes to reduce the water resistance


Just Keep Swimming! 😊

Coach Beth

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