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TriRig Scoops Ultimate SL

by TriRig
Original price $750.00 - Original price $750.00
Original price
$750.00 - $750.00
Current price $750.00

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*Specifications subject to change without notice from manufacturers

The Scoops Ultimate are made from carbon fibre, and each come with a set of pre-cut alloy extensions, they also uniquely, allow you to slot-in any aero extension giving you unlimited reach. Literally plug and play any extension you desire. Simply cut the desired extension then slip into the Ultimate aero position. The Ultimates offer fully integrated wire housing ports for a seamless design and finish. The bolt pattern of each scoop is designed for universal compatibility. Weighing in at 550grams.

Take a look at our Angled Spacer Kits that will allow you to get the angle and tilt you desire.

Need a different extension angle option, take a look at our Gamma Versions

For those who have the Alpha One Cockpit, upgrade your Dragonfly now for weight gains. 

More compatibility and configurations check out our Wingspan Extenders.

Note, we do not recommend using Scoops SL on the Trek Speed Concept Gen 3 (2022+) due to the SL's narrower hole pattern. Any other Scoops variant will work well on that bike in conjunction with the corresponding Hardware Kit.


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