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Playtri Bike Mechanic Job Description

Bike Mechanic

Current Openings: Full time, Part time. Click here to apply!

Job Summary

The Bike Mechanic at Playtri Sarasota is a core member of our service team, fueling the cycling passion within the Sarasota community through meticulous maintenance and repair of bicycles. Tasked with ensuring the optimal performance of customer and store bicycles, this individual brings a foundational knowledge of bike mechanics and a willingness to grow and face new challenges daily. With hands-on experience and a problem-solving mindset, the Bike Mechanic diligently addresses various service tasks, from routine tune-ups to complex repairs. Beyond individual contributions, they collaborate closely with the service team, fostering an environment of learning and excellence. This role is essential in our mission to provide an unparalleled cycling experience, blending technical skills with a drive to contribute to the cycling community’s vitality.



  • Execute bicycle component repairs and replacements. 
  • Perform complex procedures like hydraulic brake bleeding, drivetrain adjustment, electronic shifting system setups, and suspension tuning.
  • Wheel Services: Perform precision tasks such as wheel truing, spoke replacement, and hub overhauls to ensure optimal bike performance.
  • Priority Services: Address emergency repairs, like fixing punctured tires or snapped chains, within Playtri's committed timeframe.
  • Detailed Bike Inspection: Thoroughly assess incoming bikes for service, identify issues, and propose actionable repair or maintenance solutions to customers.
  • Conduct thorough tune-ups and servicing on various types of bikes to ensure peak performance.
  • Promptly address flat tires and perform minor repairs, ensuring quick turnaround times.
  • Bike Assembly & Floor Readiness: Efficiently assemble new bikes according to manufacturer specifications, ensuring they are tuned, safety-checked, and presentation-ready in the "Playtri way" for immediate placement on the sales floor.
  • Sales Floor Resource: Provide detailed product information and technical specs to customers if Sales Associates have questions, acting as a knowledge resource for both staff and customers for bike components and accessories.
  • Event Mechanical Support: Represent Playtri Sarasota at sponsored events, offering last-minute adjustments and repairs to ensure participant bikes are race-ready.
  • Workspace Hygiene and Safety: Regularly sanitize tools and work surfaces, sweep floors, and safely dispose of hazardous waste materials.
  • System Logging and Tracking: Diligently record all repair services and parts usage in the store's systems, ensuring accurate tracking and billing.
  • Parts Inventory Management: Conduct weekly audits of mechanical parts and accessories, communicating order needs for low-stock items to maintain optimal repair turnaround times.
  • Customer Education: communicate with customers to educate them on essential bike maintenance, such as chain lubrication and tire pressure checks.
  • Inflation and Presentation: Ensure all bikes on the sales floor have properly inflated tires and are tuned for immediate test rides.
  • Quality Assurance: Test-ride bikes after servicing to confirm the quality of work done and safety for the customer, adjusting as necessary before customer pickup.
  • Sales Associate Backup Support: Act as an auxiliary sales resource during high-traffic periods, assist with customer inquiries, and if necessary, conduct transactions using our POS system when primary sales associates are occupied with customers.
  • Store Maintenance & Cleanliness: Assist in sustaining an organized and clean store environment, extending from service areas to backroom areas and restrooms, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for customers and staff.



  • Proven experience as a bike mechanic with a wide range of repair skills.
  • Familiarity with the latest bike technologies including electronic shifting and power meters.
  • Competence in wheel repair and trueing.
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Strong communication skills and a customer-focused mindset.
  • High school diploma or equivalent; technical training or certification in bike mechanics or equivalent work experience preferred.
  • Familiarity with retail environments and point-of-sale systems is a plus.
  • Physical Requirements: Capable of lifting up to 50 pounds and standing for extended periods
  • Passion for Fitness: A strong interest or background in cycling or triathlons, or other endurance sports is advantageous



The compensation for this position starts at a competitive hourly rate for qualified candidates. Please contact us for more details. The rate will be determined based on your background, skills, and experience.


Additional Benefits:

  • Employee Discounts: Enjoy discounts on store products, perfect for cycling and triathlon enthusiasts
  • Flexible Schedule: We offer a flexible work schedule to accommodate your needs
  • Training and Development: We invest in your growth through ongoing training and professional development opportunities
  • Supportive Work Environment: Be part of a team that's passionate about fitness, triathlons, and excellent customer service
  • By joining our team, you'll not only receive competitive pay but also become a part of a community that encourages personal and professional growth.